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Corona Solar are specialists in solar energy installations for homes and out-buildings, either during the build process of a new home, or retrospectively on an existing home. We install solar power systems of all sizes, from 1.5kw through to commercial size 200kw systems. We can also include battery storage in your system.

Do you want to know how well your system is working for you, and maximise your usage? We can install a Smart Meter to complement your new solar power system. The Fronius Smart Meter presents a clear overview of power consumption within the home. Through smart phone APP, tablet or desktop, monitor your usage in real time, allowing you to maximise the usage of your solar system.

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What is a grid connect solar energy system?

Grid-connect solar power is where your home or building has solar panels installed, but it also connected to the mains electricity supply network (also called the “grid”). During times when you are generating more power than you are using, you feed your power back into the grid, which generates revenue for you. During times when you require more power than you are generating (eg at night, or if you have lots of appliances going at once) then you draw power from the grid to supplement the power that you generate yourself.

You can also add a solar battery to a grid connect system, so instead of feeding power back into the grid when you have a surplus, you store it on site in the solar battery. At night, or when you need additional power than what you are producing from the solar panels, you draw from the battery, and once that source is empty, then you revert back to drawing power from the grid.

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  • Solar Panel Install Residential
  • Solar Install Residential
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  • Solar Panels Installation Sunshine Coast
    Solar Panels Sunshine Coast
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We got solar and a battery installed. Great workmanship by Nick and Glenn. It is terrific to see a locally owned Sunshine Coast business with quality and timely service. Thank you.

Alyson Webster

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