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Corona Solar are specialist installers of Off-Grid solar power systems. Off-grid solar energy is ideal for rurally situated homes and businesses that do not have a reliable power supply. Off-grid systems can also be used for those who live in built up areas, but do not want to be connected to the mains electricity grid.

So what’s the difference between on-grid and off-grid solar power? On-grid means your solar system is tied to your local utility’s power grid (network). Being ‘off-grid’ means you are not connected in any way to your grid’s power system or utility company. This is appealing because you are 100% self-sustaining your energy use.

The solar battery will store surplus power generated during the day, ready to be drawn when required. Once the battery power is used, the backup generator would be used.

Corona Solar can design an off-grid solar power system to suit your requirements. We will come and meet with you to view your home/buildings and discuss your power consumption to determine the solar energy solution, at a price to suit your budget.

If you’d like to discuss an off-grid system for your property, give us a call. We’d be happy to talk to you.

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“Just a quick bit of feedback on our install yesterday. In a word – Awesome. The guys were prompt and professional and I cannot recommend you enough.”


“Yay my solar is done! Have to say it was a pleasure having Nick and Glen on site. Very professional! Great job guys.”


“Thanks to the installers who did a really good job, were very polite and professional including working through some last minute redesign of positioning with my wife and me (whilst I was on a hospital bed!).”


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